INEX s.c.
66-016 Czerwieńsk
ul. Kwiatowa 16
tel./fax +48 68 32 78 260
tel. +48 532 743 327
NIP: 973 088 96 40

Sales department

Dawid Kaczor
tel. +48 665 836 484


Miloš Gavrilović
tel. +48 538 633 666


Marcin Zawodny
tel. +48 880 525 565

About Us

The company’s core operations comprise the production of fresh and frozen poultry products. We’ve introduced state of the art MEYN processing machines and lines. Capacity: 6000 pieces per hour.

As a company we are continually developing. We deliver top quality goods and services to our customers. The whole production process is performed subject to strict veterinary supervision, under the HACCP quality management system and in accordance with BRC’s international quality and hygiene standards.

We rely on trusted, Polish suppliers, who also comply with sanitary and veterinary requirements.

Our veterinary number: PL 08094304 WE.

Here at NEX s.c. we focus on quality, professionalism and safety.

We have a 1300 sq. m. production facility at our disposal.

For our customers’ peace of mind we’ve built up a fleet of chiller and freezer vans and trucks, with transport temperatures up to +/- 30 degrees

We care for our staff, as the quality of our products depends on them.

Our employees are behind the success of our company. We provide our staff with employment security and attractive terms. We care for excellent relations.